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November 16, 2012
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Transformers Prime
I started watching this over the summer and my opinion; I have never been this proud of a remake since Batman: the Animated Series. Like Batman: the Animated Series, Transformers Prime has a dark, complex story, it's action-packed, tragic, hilarious and full of surprises that make me continue to watch the show and make me eager for new episodes. This is also the version that sticks to the G1 series the most while making it seem something new for viewers. I love every moment of it and I continue to look at the show as new episodes are being released.

The first thing I observed was the designs of each character. I looked at each of the Cybertronians and I was really impressed with them. I love how there is a lot of effort put into each of them. There is enough detail to see each detail (in a way, similar to the G1 counterparts) but not too much to get viewers lost. The first characters I looked at first were Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Megatron. My first impression was that they look like their live-action counterparts but not completely. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are the ones that look mostly like the live-action counterparts. What makes them different is that the designs in the Prime counterparts are less detailed, which is not a bad thing. It makes it easier for me to see the designs while the designs on the live-action counterparts were so detailed it bothered me.

There's something I want to say about Bumblebee. His G1 and Animated counterparts can talk but his live-action and Prime counterparts cannot. I'm not sure why the show decided to have Bumblebee not talk anymore. Having him speak "radio" in the live-action version does help viewers understand what he's saying after his voice was damaged in battle. I'm not sure when it was damaged. Did it happen after his fight with Barricade or before he arrived on Earth? In the end of the first movie, he finally spoke but the sequels made him speak "radio" again which doesn't make sense if he can speak. It could be because his voice sounded too mature for Bumblebee but there's no specific reason why Bay had him speak "radio" again, even though it's cute. In Transformers Prime, it does explain why Bumblebee is unable to talk. It turns out Megatron had ripped out his voice box back when the war was on Cybertron. Now he communicates through beeping, which only Cybertronians and Rafael can understand. I think the idea of having Bumblebee speak with beeps is very cute and I like how we're able to guess what he's saying through his body language, facial expressions, and what others say after he speaks. Overall, I'm satisfied and in love with this version of Bumblebee.

Optimus Prime is once again, voiced by Peter Cullen, who also played G1 and live-action Optimus. I noticed his voice changed if you compare the voice of the live-action and Prime counterpart to his G1 counterpart's voice. This might be because Peter Cullen is older now but if that's the case, I think it worked out really well. Optimus is also designed very well. He looks like a domineering fighter but he's also in character again. I have always been a fan of Optimus Prime and this version has become my favorite out of all of them. There is something else I noticed: G1 and TFA Optimus Prime seem like they're incapable of killing Megatron while his live-action counterpart can kill him effortlessly and in such a brutal way. The Prime version seems to take his time. In the beginning, he wanted Megatron to change his ways and wanted his old friend he knew before the war started. As the show progresses, he doesn't seem the type that would even try to kill anyone...that is, until Megatron went as far as almost killing a human child (Rafael). That was enough to motivate Optimus into killing Megatron, though I think this was out of rage. The show does mention later on that Optimus is struggling between his decision to either arrest Megatron or simply kill him. This is a common issue other heroes (ex. Batman) deal with. They usually decide to capture their enemies instead of killing them so they do not become monsters themselves. Even though Optimus Prime is going through this issue, he does show that he's willing to go past his boundaries if it means saving Earth and restoring Cybertron.

The rest of the Autobots are designed well. Bulkhead is a fun-loving character who used to work as a laborer before the war started. He is very friendly for a big guy and I enjoy watching him whenever I see him. Wheeljack is Bulkhead's best friend who was also a wrecker (which is why he and Bulkhead are so close). He is seen in the G1 series as a scientist but in Prime, he's a tough fighter who enjoys his freedom, which is why he goes off on his own. Naturally, he has issues with authority figures but he's a good guy and fights to defeat the Decepticons. Smokescreen is new to the show. The last time I saw him was in Transformers Armada. I'm not sure how his personality was in Armada and in the G1 series, he was very mature and I barely saw him. This version of Smokescreen is seen as a kid who's always wanted to be part of the war for Cybertron but was stuck guarding Alpha Trion until he was knocked out and sent to Earth. He's kinda similar to Bumblebee in Transformers Animated. He does get himself into trouble but he's a good kid who wants to prove that he can be a potential fighter and so far, he is proving that he's becoming one. Ratchet is, of course, the medic of the Autobots. He's cranky and not too fond of humans (like his Animated counterpart) but because he respects Optimus Prime, he does what he's ordered and he does assist the Autobots when they're injured. Cliffjumper is larger than his previous counterparts but he was portrayed very well, even though he was killed very early. This is the first time Arcee has blue instead of pink as her main color. There is some pink on her to let us know that it's still her. I'm not saying making her blue is a bad thing. In fact, it makes her look tougher and more convincing as a fighter.

Now let's talk about the overall portrayal of the Decepticons. Megatron has been improved significantly. His design looks like a combination of his G1 and live-action counterpart (with a little bit of his Animated counterpart too). This makes him look very frightening but extremely badass at the same time. If I ever met him in person, I would ask for his autograph, then run and hide from him. He also has the same temper his G1 counterpart has but it's much scarier and he does happen to get his way through death threats and angry looks. After noticing this, someone could argue that this makes him more of a monster than a warlord, and I can understand that. This is the only reason why I favor his Animated counterpart. This was until I had noticed how he was able to manipulate Optimus Prime, when he believed he was Orion Pax, and the Starscream clones into killing the original Starscream. G1 Megatron barely showed his manipulative side, which was why I believe this is what he got from his Animated counterpart. Not only is he scary, but is also able to manipulate others into getting what he wants. I still feel like I see him more as a monster than a warlord. Other than that, this is the best version of Megatron I've seen. Plus, the show finally convinced the original voice actor, Frank Welker, to play Megatron. Instead of the harsh voice he had in G1, Welker gave the Prime Megatron a deeper voice. This might not be something a fan would look forward to at first, but when you hear his new voice, it's not only awesome, but it's just as intimidating as his appearance.

I noticed that there is a lot of development between Megatron and Optimus Prime. The show had also explained how the war started. Optimus started off as an archivist named Orion Pax while Megatron (Megatronus) was a gladiator who wanted to become a Prime. These two became close friends because they were both concerned about the issues Cybertron was dealing with. The two of them were really close until Megatron had threatened the Council to turn him into a Prime, which, of course, didn't work. Instead, Orion talked to the Council and they were so moved by his words, it was more than enough for him to earn the title Prime. This upset Megatron to the point where he created his own army to defeat his enemies, which is how the Decepticons were created. After observing this story, I noticed that there's finally an explanation for why there was a war on Cybertron in the first place. In the G1 series, Orion and Megatron had barely known each other and the reason why the war started was unclear. All I knew is that Megatron was created as one of the first flying Cybertronians and then rebelled against his creators. TFA's reason was also unclear. All I read was that before the war started, Kaon and Iacon were already separated, and Megatron and Ultra Magnus did work with each other as allies but there was no specific reason why the war started. Transformers Prime was not only able to create a clear reason, it was able to take it to another level. It also showed that good people can become bad. Megatron was not born evil, he turned evil when he wasn't able to reach the goal he desired.

There is definitely a huge change in Starscream. It seems as though he gets skinnier as the years go by. I understand that his thinner body make him fly more conveniently but his appearance surprises me. He was literally squares with wings and heels in G1. His live-action, in my opinion, was the worst design because I thought he looked like a flying Dorito. TFA Starscream seems the closest to a human figure to me. The chest-to-hip ratio is off, and he looks feminine and curvy. Then again, so does his G1 counterpart. The design of his Prime counterpart shocked me when I first saw him. I thought Starscream was female until I heard him talk. I see him as nothing but a twig with wings and heels no woman would be able to walk in.

His relationship with Megatron is definitely dark compared to their other counterparts. Starscream has been beaten up for his failures and disobeying Megatron's orders. I was kind of surprised that Starscream didn't try to overthrow Megatron. This was until Megatron was believed to be killed in a space bridge explosion. Starscream took his place and constantly told others that he is the new leader, even though no one else believes that he's capable of taking Megatron's place. He went as far to travel back into space to find his remains, which he did find but figured out he was only kept alive through Dark Energon. I'm not sure why the show decided to create more than one form of energon. They might explain it later on. He was planning to leave him in space until he heard Laserbeak go to him and he assumed Soundwave was listening. He goes through different ways of getting rid of Megatron while he was in a coma. None of his plans worked and Megatron did find out Starscream did try to kill him. When Megatron came back to life, the first thing I expected him to do was go after Optimus Prime. I'm not too surprised when he decided to go after Starscream instead. Judging by his injuries, I'm guessing Starscream's body was put through so much hell, but I was somewhat shocked that he was going to recover quickly. It did shock me that Megatron decided to keep him around like his G1 counterpart did. After seeing how angry Megatron can get, I expected him to terminate him right way. However, the show does have Megatron explain why he continued to keep him, which was to watch him fail in every plan he comes up with. This was until he got bored and decided to take him into a mine to kill him. Even though Starscream got away (and even went back to rescue him), Megatron still let him stay. This is where I still think the phrase, "Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer," is still unnecessary, but he probably let him stay because Starscream begged him to help him out of his situation. Starscream does claim to change, but reverts back to his old ways after being abandoned by Airachnid, left to the Autobots and got tired of being put through hell. He went on his own for a while and came up with unsuccessful ways to get rid of the Autobots and Megatron. He eventually chose to go back to being a Decepticon, and even got his old position back after Dreadwing was killed. After seeing the end of the second season, I'm guessing Starscream decided to put off his plans to take down Megatron. Even though Megatron literally went inside Starscream's mind to find out what his real reasons were for rejoining the Decepticons, and found every reason for him to kill Starscream, he still let him rejoin. He and Megatron probably decided that defeating the Autobots were their primary concern. I still have this feeling that Starscream is going to try and take Megatron's place again, and I hope the writers come up with a clever way to show that.

The next Decepticon I'm going to talk about is Soundwave. His previous counterparts are awesome, and even in this version, he remains one of the most incredible characters on the show. His previous counterparts talked in a monotone voice. He doesn't even talk in this show, except when he records someone else's words, and he still remains badass. Some people could believe that someone who doesn't talk would be useless. In this case, it makes Soundwave one of the most intimidating Decepticons. He also looks thinner than his previous counterparts. He does make it up through his abilities to hack through computers, and is able to follow and complete Megatron's orders. He is also Megatron's most trusted servant and even respects him too. The only similarity I found with him and his live-action counterpart is that they both have tentacles. Instead of live-action Soundwave using them to scare people, the Prime counterpart's tentacles are scary, but that's what he uses to hack into computers and get information to defeat the Autobots and their allies. Overall, Soundwave has never disappointed the Decepticons and his army of fans.

Now I want to talk about the next Decepticon that come to my mind: Knockout. This is the first time I've seen him in the Transformers franchise and OMG!! I immediately became a fan and I'm always happy whenever I see him or hear him talk. I don't think I've run into a female Transformers fan that doesn't like him. He's the Decepticon doctor known to be very flamboyant. If you look at him, his finish is bright red, which makes him the flashiest Decepticon. He also cares a lot about his appearance and making sure he looks good all the time. His voice is very orgasmic which is what drew me to him immediately. It's funny that he's voiced by Daran Norris, the same guy who voiced Cosmo and Timmy Turner's father from the Fairly Oddparents. Once everyone figured that out, everybody started making Dinkleberg jokes for Knockout. (If anyone doesn't get the jokes, Knockout sounds more like Timmy Turner's dad, who hates his neighbors, the Dinklebergs, because their lives are better). I noticed fans suspect that he could be gay. This is seen through the way he acts and talks, the scene where he gave the wolf whistle to Optimus Prime (this was probably his way of saying that he knows he disguised himself as a truck), and the scene where Starscream called him "one of those...." Honestly, I thought the creators were trying to insert a misleading gay joke too. I know they said there's no such thing as male and female Cybertronians (despite the fact that Arcee and Airachnid are clearly female). Even if Knockout is gay (personally, I believe he's either gay or bisexual), I still love him and I continue to watch every moment with him in it. Breakdown is another Decepticon I want to talk about. He's Knockout's assistant and Bulkhead's arch rival. This version of him is a lot larger and more intimidating than his previous counterpart. I love him just as much as I love Knockout. I noticed when he isn't fighting, he sounds laid back. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. It makes me think if he wasn't a Decepticon, he would seem like a gentle giant, except when he fights, of course. I do wonder what Breakdown did to make Bulkhead hate him so much, besides cause so much destruction on Cybertron. I did learn that his previous counterparts don't like fighting and afraid of everything he comes across. I found out later that he still carries that trait. In Transformers Prime, he loves fighting and I don't ever see him get scared except twice: once in Deus Ex Machina when Starscream pointed the Energon Harvester at him and Knockout and when he was startled after Megatron called him a "one-eyed oaf" in an episode called TMI. This is definitely an improvement from his previous counterparts and he has become my favorite version of him. I thought something was wrong with him when I found out he had a crush on Airachnid, but I think that's what lead him to be killed by her. Then his dead body was used to make Silas move, but thankfully that was short-lived.

Another Decepticon I want to mention is Shockwave. He is described as Megatron's "pet mad scientist" back when he was a gladiator. His design is somewhat similar to his G1 counterpart, except he looks a little thinner and has a darker shade of purple. Like his previous counterparts, he was ordered to stay on Cybertron and look after it. It turns out he was the one who invented the Cortical Psychic Patch, which is what he used on Arcee in order to find where Optimus Prime was located. He also needed energon from Starcream in order to use the space bridge to get to Optimus Prime and other surviving Autobots. Instead, Arcee and Cliffjumper used it to head to Earth, but not before Arcee shot Shockwave in the head. They both wondered if Shockwave survived, but I believe he did. I gotta admit, even though I've seen him in one episode of Transformers Prime so far, Out Of The Past, this version of him is the most intimidating one I've come across. The only thing that throws me off is the voice actor. I was a little disappointed that they didn't get his original voice actor, Corey Burton, to play him. Instead, he is voiced by David Sobolov. Then again, Shockwave probably wouldn't be as badass if he didn't have such an intimidating voice. I saw a trailer to Season 3 of Transformers Prime, proving that he's OK. He's the one who presented the "ultimate Autobot hunter" to Megatron and the remaining Decepticons. This "Autobot hunter" is a giant beast which will be seen in Season 3 and has already left a great impression on me and a bunch of other Transformers fans. After seeing this, I believe Shockwave will have a stronger role in the show and he's probably going to become more badass as the show continues to air.

In my opinion, the rest of the villains were either okay or I didn't like them. I like both Dreadwing and his twin brother, Skyquake. Both of them are very powerful fighters and the fact that Dreadwing is played by Tony Todd (the same guy who played Candyman) made me like him even more. I also like how they both value honor and loyalty in the battlefield. In the show, Optimus Prime tried to convince both of them to join his team and stop the Decepticons. Both of them were extremely loyal to Megatron. Skyquake was in one episode so it was unlikely that he would change his mind. Dreadwing was around longer so it gave Optimus more chance to change him. I honestly thought Dreadwing would change, especially after finding out that Starscream used Skyquake's dead body to create an undead warrior (and them left him as a zombie). But Dreadwing was killed off after attempting to kill Starscream. I just wish both of them were still alive and I could learn more about them, but Transformers Prime seems to have a bad habit of killing off the badass characters which pisses me off.

Airachnid was one of the villains I didn't like. I mean, her design and character development is incredible. Her rivalry between her and Arcee is scary and phenomenal, and I love the fact that she's portrayed as a deadly villain. I just hate her because she killed Breakdown. After the war on Cybertron, she went rogue and spent her time collecting trophies (alien heads) and was even after a human (Jack) for a bit. If you ever listen to her Japanese voice actor, she is SO DAMN ANNOYING!!! She never shuts up and instead of being a psycho serial-killer (which in this case is way better) she's more of a creepy stalker who has a crush on Jack.... I thought Arcee was going to kill her but instead, Airachnid ended up in stasis. In a sense, I'm happy Arcee didn't kill her. It might be the same issue when heroes decide whether to arrest or kill their enemy. The Insecticons are way more frightening than their previous counterparts. Even so, I do love their designs and it's so badass when they fight. The rest of Megatron's army is clearly not the main bad guys because they're so many of them. (By the way, I'd like to know who created Steve and Simon). Some of them turn into jets while the others turn into vehicles. I think they were created to show that Megatron has plenty of followers.

The human characters on the show are also memorable in their own way. Jack seems like a regular teenage boy that would seem like he could exist in real life. His bond with Arcee seems very real. Rafael is basically a genius (with computers) and a fun-loving kid. I love his bond with Bumblebee. What makes their bond even stronger is the fact that Rafael is able to understand Bumblebee beeps and he considers him family. Miko is a Japanese exchange student with a love for heavy metal. In the beginning, she was very obnoxious and I didn't like her that much. She also had a habit of getting herself and the other kids in trouble with the Decepticons. The only thing I liked about her is her clothing style and her love for Bulkhead. I do start to like after Miko stood by Bulkhead when he was severely injured by an Insecticon, Hardshell. She even went as far as to join up with Wheeljack and she even kills Hardshell to get justice for Bulkhead. After seeing that, she's still annoying but I find Miko more tolerable. Jack's mom is an okay character and Fowler is fun to watch, especially when he's half-conscious and says the funniest things. This is the first time where the human villains (a.k.a. MECH) were intimidating. They went as far as to take out Breakdown's eye and took his body after he was killed. They also stole Bumblebee's and Starscream's T-Cog, which is an organ all Cybertronians have to transform from robot to jet/vehicle mode, and created an Optimus Prime knock-off. After the MECH leader, Silas, was severely injured, he was placed into Breakdown's dead body to help him move. Once Silas figured out what happened to him, he killed his team and decided to join up with the Decepticons. This didn't work and I cheered when Silas ended up on Knockout's dissection table. I'm glad Knockout is the one who probably tortured and possibly killed him. I could tell by his anger that he and Breakdown were close. I guess this all happened in one episode because they needed to get rid of Silas. Like I said for the live-action movies, the franchise is supposed to focus on the conflict between the Autobots and Decepticons, not the humans. This show did a really good job at focusing on that issue, especially the recent episodes where there weren't any humans involved.

Overall, the plot was very detailed and very developed. Transformers Prime has a dark, complex story, it's action-packed, tragic, hilarious and full of surprises that make me continue to watch the show and make me eager for new episodes. So far the first two seasons are amazing. Both seasons ended on a triumphant and shocking note. The end of the second season shocked me. The Decepticons found the Autobot base and destroyed it. Everyone but Optimus Prime left the base before it was destroyed. I saw the ending and it looked like Optimus Prime was killed in the explosion, which made me cry. It turns out he's fine an he's going to be upgraded into more of a badass!! Season 3 is going to be released in March 22, 2013. The first two seasons are phenomenal and I'm willing to bet that the third season will not disappoint me and all fans. All I know about season 3 is that Shockwave is coming back and they will show the Predacons. I did hear the Dinobots might show up but I'm not sure if that's true or not. I did see a trailer related to Season 3, which introduces one of the Predacons. I saw the Predacon, I could tell it was going to be frightening and awesome. Let's just wait until then (even though I feel like I can't) to see what happens.

I just received more information about the third season of Transformers Prime. Yes, we're still going to see the Predacons (and possibly, the Dinobots) but it turns out there's going to be 13 episodes instead of 26 per season. Sadly, I found out the 3rd season is the last season of Transformers Prime as well. But I think I'm going to be okay. I found out there could a new Transfromers series coming out in 2014.


I know I haven't done a review on Transformers Rescue Bots. I do like the show but I'm not a huge fan. If I get hooked into it, I will do a review of it.
Here's my review and this one took me the longest to complete. :phew: It's my review of Transformers Prime.

If there's anything in my review that you don't agree with, or if there's anything I got incorrect, please feel free to let me know. Just don't bring it to the point where I might get pissed off. :rage: I want criticism, not insults. :iconchallengeacceptedplz:

Because I've been told to stop updating this review by a certain someone, -> :iconallyonshinezutara: I'll do a separate review of Beast Hunters after this series ends.

Links to other reviews.

Transformers (c) Hasbro.
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